Protecting Intellectual Property

Protecting Intellectual Property in our global economy is difficult. The average business is spending over $1M per week to secure Intellectual Property Content outside of the United States. Simultaneously, we’re sharing more and more Intellectual Property across corporate and geographic boundaries – increasing the risk to our IP.

IP can be classified as non-patent and patent.

Insurance policies that address non-patent IP risks include:

  • Media liability – Covers media exposures, marketing, advertising, and copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Errors & Omission – Covers technology-related claims like software development.
  • Cyber liability – Covers claims involving cyber activity and copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Package – May include limited coverage for advertising exposures.
  • Unauthorized Disclosure – Covers trade secret theft protection.
  • IP stand- alone – Covers trademark, copyright, and/or patent infringement.

Insurance policies for Patent IP can be classified as either defensive or offensive policies:

  • Patent infringement liability – Covers defense costs and damages.
  • Patent enforcement and abatement – Covers litigation costs associated with enforcing patent rights.
  • Patent asset value and protection – Considered multi-peril as it includes both defensive and offensive aspects. Covers loss of patent asset and consequential loss as a result of infringing on another’s patent.
  • Representations and warranties – Applicable to situations involving mergers and acquisitions.

Zafesoft transparently and automatically protects Intellectual Property in the form of content or design. Authorized users can view, edit and collaborate with each other, however they cannot share Zafed content with unauthorized users by copy, paste, print, email, screen capture or transfer of content in any other way – whether its moved across your organization or across the globe. Your Intellectual Property is safe – no matter what.

SOURCE American Trade Representatives Association

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