Zafesoft is the only security solution designed specifically to protect both original and derivative content for today’s collaborative world. Once Zafed, your content is protected:

  • Wherever it is shared.
  • Regardless of modification.
  • For as long as the content, or derivatives, exists.

The Zafe Difference

Zafesoft transparently encrypts your content, wherever it goes, however it evolves.

Traditional security focuses on the container – document (file), server or folder – by protecting access to the document/container. Once content is copied and pasted into a new document – the original security is GONE. Users must manually secure the new content.

With Zafesoft each character of content is individually encrypted. That encryption is carried with the character, wherever that content goes, forever – or until you remove it.

How it Works

Zafesoft automatically protects, tracks, audits and controls your content. Here’s how.

Zafeing content: Zafeing content is easy. Simply drop your content into a Zafe folder – and it’s Zafed. User can also click on a desktop icon to protect individual documents. Once engaged, Zafe wraps each character in a transparent encryption-based security. When and if Zafed content is used to create derivative content – the security travels with the original and derivative content. Forever.
Protecting content: Authorized users can see the Zafed content in its native editor with security from the Z-Opener – a self-installing, transparent-to-the-user reader. When an unauthorized user attempts to view or use Zafed content – they see encrypted content. No matter what they try. It’s that simple – and that effective.
Sharing content: The Z-Opener is an intelligent agent that allows authorized users to access and modify content, based on your already in-place corporate policies (LDAP etc.). But, if any portion of the Zafed content is shared outside of those policies – it is simply unavailable to the receiving user until they are authorized.
Content control: Zafe audits every action and attempted action on your content. Zafe also alerts you to unauthorized or suspect attempts to access or use this content via the Z-Opener. You can also revoke access to content and recall it immediately with Zafe.

Advanced Analytics: Advanced Analytics on Zafe audit records can be used to dynamically analyse, identify and predict patterns, such as:

  • Attempted document theft or IP theft
  • Team productivity
  • Distributed content use, geographic range, level of interest
  • Company specific collaboration for optimization and engagement

Zafe is simple to deploy – as part of your normal business process.

  • Zafesoft imports your LDAP or other systems people and profiles.
  • Sensitive documents for the corporation are moved into a Zafe folder and are immediately Zafed.
  • When authorized users attempt to open a Zafe document for the first time – they are prompted to click to install the Z opener – it transparently downloads and installs – and now you are Zafed. Once the Z Opener installs the first time – it manages security for that device and user going forward – transparently and simply.
  • Individual users can easily Zafe documents thru a folder or a simple icon click on their desktop.