How It Works

Traditional security paradigms focus on preventing access to the content, be it a file, file system or server. When authorized users share sensitive content, they break these security paradigms.

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Be Secure.

Sharing your critical content with global employees, partners and customers – knowing your content cannot be breeched.

Be In Control.

Recalling your content whenever you need, with a single click.

Be Compliant.

Recording a comprehensive audit trail for all content access- original and derivative.

What We Do

Zafesoft secures critical content across organizational boundaries.
Once your original content is Zafed, it’s protected wherever it is shared – with employees, partners or customers. Derivatives are automatically protected too. Once content is Zafed, it’s impossible to share with others – unless you allow and track it. Zafesoft is transparent to users and is deployed seamlessly as part of normal business operations

Client Testimonials

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If you’re securing critical content, from Intellectual Property to Patient Records by:

  • Tightly-shared and often changing passwords and access codes.
  • Preventing the physical movement of documents or content.
  • Refusing to allow collaboration at all.

You need Zafesoft! Zafesoft empowers you to safely share content across boundaries – without risk of loss. Zafe is transparent to users – protecting content even as it empowers cooperation and collaboration across global teams. Zafesoft security solutions are appropriate for a wide range of industries and applications.

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Zafesoft is the only security solution designed specifically to protect both original and derivative content for today’s collaborative world. Once Zafed, your content is protected:

  • Wherever it is shared.
  • Regardless of modification.
  • For as long as the content, or derivatives, exists.