Zafesoft releases product

Campbell, CA, July 12, 2017 /Press Release/ — Zafesoft, the leading content security provider with edit, announced today the latest GA release of its product with new features and enhancements (version 3.2.1). The new release incorporates changes both at the server and the client. Improvements are mainly in the area of security that include product hardening  to attacks and user experience improvements. These include an upgraded self-check and and self-reset.

The product supports Win 10, Win 8.1 (and 8.0), in native 64 or 32 bit versions. MS Office support is for Office 10, Office 13, and Office 16 this includes support for save as PDF (which is secure) and readable with Acrobat Reader.

Zafesoft persistently secures content and tracks it, while allowing users to view, edit or transform their content in their native editors. Zafesoft’s client software encrypts the content at a granular level – not just at the document or paragraph level but right down to each character and space. Zafesoft’s solution stores the sensitive content wherever the user places it, this could be local, server or in the cloud, in all these environments the security is never compromised.

Zafesoft is the leading content security provider that offers the industry’s first and only solution that secures data at rest, in transit and in use. The Zafesoft solution provides persistent, track-able, and transparent security that enables secure information collaboration anywhere in the world, inside or outside the firewall. Campbell, California-based Zafesoft was founded in 2006 to protect information regardless of how it is altered or shared. Organizations rely on Zafesoft to secure sensitive content and share intellectual property, and classified information. For more information, please contact, or visit

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