Content Expiration

Zafesoft releases content expiration

Secure Content with Expiration, by policy

SAN JOSE, Calif.—May 10, 2012—Zafesoft Inc., announces new expiration feature. Security policy managers can now create expiration policies for zafed files, allowing them to share sensitive content with a fixed or relative expiration date.This is a great way to secure content previously shared with contract workers, 3rd parties, and ex-employees. For projects that have a fixed end date, or where new content replaces previous content, such as updated price lists, new policies, updated contracts etc. the end date can be set in the project policies. At the appropriate time the content automatically expires and the users are not able to access any of the original or derived content. This simplifies management or multiple versions and ensures policy enforcement.

There is also an option to expire by relative end date, such as 90 days later. These files automatically expire 90 days after creation.

The file expiration policy can be applied to all files in the project or individually at a file by file level.

The solution already provided the ability to remove users from the secure project; these removed users can no longer access any of the secure content of that project, or any derived content they may have privately copied, stored, saved, exported etc.

The solution also offers an ‘UNZAFE’ functionality. This feature allows administrators to unzafe files that have previously been zafed, after all authorized permissions are granted. For example a company can have a policy that requires signoff from the Chief Information Security Officer, CFO and Head Counsel before sensitive information can be converted back to plain text. The ‘unzafe’ functionality will wait for permissions from all these roles, before it will ‘unzafe’.

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About Zafesoft
San Jose, California – based Zafesoft provides a deterministic solution for the security and control of Content, once zafed the security and control travel with the content or portions of it. With its unique patented deterministic and non-intrusive solution. The content is made secure from threats such insider threat, or from leakage and accidental loss.

It’s not safe until its ‘zafed’

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“Zafesoft provides a straightforward, clear solution to limiting, and monitoring data movement”

-Mike Mucha, Chief Information Security Officer, Stanford Hospitals and Clinics

“We first seriously looked at the Zafesoft technology at Sun, and were immediately impressed with its security capability and ease of use”

– Bill Vass, VP Amazon

“Now that unstructured data exists in multiple copies in multiple locations everywhere, Zafesoft is the only technology that can secure that data wherever it exists.”

– Jason Hoffman, CISO, Saba

“The ability to provide content security that gets the right information to the right user and lets them edit it but restricts that from unauthorized use is dramatically positive.”

– Bob Gourley, former CTO, Defense Intelligence Agency