Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance costs healthcare and financial institutions billions of dollars each year. According to annual research from the Ponemon Institute, the average cost paid for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information globally increased to more than $154 in 2015.



Healthcare emerged as the industry with the highest cost per stolen record with the average cost for organizations reaching as high as $363. Additionally, retailers have seen their average cost per stolen record jump dramatically from $105 last year to $165 in the 2015 study. The costs associated with these breeches, in terms of dollars, reputation and time are astronomical.

Zafesoft protects regulated records as content. Zafesoft also automatically captures a comprehensive audit trail for original and derivative content.  Any access, transmission, modification  or other actions are tracked as part of your audit trail – providing  the backup you need for regulatory compliance.

Zafesoft also provides an Early Warning System. When unauthorized access attempts are made, for example an unauthorized user attempting to access a Zafed patient record or financial information – we track and report the attempt, triggered automatic actions can then occur. You get the heads-up notice you need to proactively address the attempted breech. Your content remains secure throughout this process.