SAN JOSE, California,—March 12, 2013—Making steady progress with the development of its solution; Zafesoft today announced it has added support for Win 7 (64 bit) operating system.

The Zafesoft solution now supports users on the 64 bit version of the Windows 7 operating system, this is in addition to the 32 bit version that was already supported.  The new support is in the native 64 bit type, whereas most 32 bit applications can run on the 64 bit environment as a 32 bit application. This new support makes the user experience more seamless (faster) and transparent, as well as utilizes the the 64 bit architecture to the fullest.

“Zafesoft trail customers had asked for this support,  and we are happy to deliver it.” said the engineering manager at Zafesoft. The addition of 64 bit in native format also opens the door to other 64 bit architecture operating systems – it reduces the time needed to support them.

Customer using Zafesoft are assured that the content they have secured remains secure across the world, even after it is copied, pasted, moved or otherwise transformed from one file type to another. The content remains editable in its native editor, thereby not requiring users to learn new editors. No sensitive information is passed to any cloud, the complete control of the customer information remains with the customer.

About Zafesoft
Zafesoft solutions for content security help organizations actively secure, control,  and track content wherever it is utilized; empowering users with edit-ability and assurance.  Zafesoft security services are the next generation of content security. Founded in 2006; San Jose, California based Zafesoft, provides a solution that works both online and offline. It secures content and derived content (such as from copy-paste, save-as, or export of original content). Zafesoft enables secure collaboration between 3rd parties, secure work with contractors and off-shore workers; secure financial information for financial institutions and CPA firms, secure patient data at hospitals and clinics.

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