Jason Hoffman Joins Zafesoft

Jason Hoffman, Head of Security for HP Autonomy, now at Saba, joins Zafesoft Advisory Board

San Jose, California – March 23 2011 – Jason Hoffman, the Head of Group Security and Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Autonomy, the $700 million global leader in infrastructure software and cloud computing services, joins the advisory board at Zafesoft.

Jason is a veteran in the security space and as the CSO of Autonomy, a leader in meaning based computing and enterprise search which helps other organization to derive meaning and value from their information. He not only leads Autonomy’s internal security program but he also works closely with its auditors and interfaces with enterprises before and after they become a customer.

Hoffman is also the Vice President of Technology for the Security Innovation Network (SINET), founded in San Francisco to enable increased collaboration between public and private entities to defeat global cyber security threats. Mr. Hoffman has also served on SINET’s IT Security Entrepreneurs’ Forum (ITSEF) Steering Committee since its inception.

Prior to joining Autonomy, Hoffman was Kaiser Permanente’s Director of Information Security Assurance and Risk Management. He was responsible for leading the development and delivery of Kaiser’s enterprise security risk management program, as well as, its security awareness and training program. He was also the Chief Information Security Officer of Greater Bay Bank, N.A. before working for Kaiser Permanente and held security and audit positions at VeriSign, Inc., Wells Fargo Bank and the University of California, San Francisco.

In 2006, Hoffman was the recipient of the Information Security Executive of the Year West People’s Choice Award, a selected finalist in the Information Security Executive of the Year West Award and nominated for the Information Security Executive of the Year National Award.

“Zafesoft has solved the ‘security beyond the perimeter’ problem. Now that unstructured data exists in multiple copies in multiple locations everywhere, Zafesoft is the only technology that can secure that data wherever it exists.  Whether a company is in a regulated industry such as banking, healthcare or government, where regulations require full control of data, or whether a company just wants to protect its own intellectual property, Zafesoft facilitates the sharing of information securely across trusted and un-trusted networks while complying with various security and privacy laws” commented Jason.

“We are very happy to have Jason work with is an advisory board member, previously (at Kaiser Permanente) he had already started testing the security and ease of use of the solution. His statement on the security capability of the Zafesoft solution carries meaningful weight. In his new capacity he is already helping guide the solution and its features to better fit industry requirements” said Sandeep Tiwari, CEO of Zafesoft.

Jason joins the list of Zafesoft Advisory Board members who are experts in information and cyber security which includes former Department of Defense’s CIO, Bill Vass, personal security and identity theft expert, Robert Siciliano, and former executive vice president of worldwide sales for Symantec, John Laing.