Content Control

In the digital world – content lives forever. That’s a big problem when you share your critical content with others – and then want it back.   For example, think about the issues when you:

  • Share critical information with employees, consultants, partners and vendors.
  • Provide product specifications and designs to your global supply chain.
  • Share financial information with employees, partners or vendors – and then the relationship dissolves.
  • Provide confidential content as part of a potential M&A or other venture – and the venture goes south.

recall4contentstop theft

Zafesoft empowers you to recall your content (and derivatives) at any time, from wherever that content resides.  Simply recall it – and the content is no longer visible to the unauthorized user.  They now see encryption.  It’s that simple – and that effective. The original Zafed content and all its derivatives are rendered unavailable.



“Zafesoft provides a straightforward, clear solution to limiting, and monitoring data movement”

-Mike Mucha, Chief Information Security Officer, Stanford Hospitals and Clinics

“We first seriously looked at the Zafesoft technology at Sun, and were immediately impressed with its security capability and ease of use”

– Bill Vass, VP Amazon

“Now that unstructured data exists in multiple copies in multiple locations everywhere, Zafesoft is the only technology that can secure that data wherever it exists.”

– Jason Hoffman, CISO, Saba

“The ability to provide content security that gets the right information to the right user and lets them edit it but restricts that from unauthorized use is dramatically positive.”

– Bob Gourley, former CTO, Defense Intelligence Agency