451 Group coverage of Zafesoft

451 Group Analyst coverage of Zafesoft

Changing secure content landscape

SAN JOSE, Calif.—May 10, 2010—Zafesoft Inc., has been included in the following and
other reports by the 451 Analyst group.

  1. Check Point’s endpoint security division picks up Liquid Machines for data in use
    TDM Deal Analysis, 06/09/10
  2. The rise of information rights management – applying security to enterprise data?
    MIS Spotlight, 02/03/10
  3. WatchDox looks to shake up ERM with secure document sharing as a service
    MIS Impact Report, 04/20/10M
  4. Covertix comes at information rights management with a data ‘self protection’
    MIS Impact Report, 02/26/10
  5. InDorse expands into image watermarking for information ‘assurance’
    MIS Market Development, 11/18/09
  6. After encryption, what’s next on Symantec’s ‘must have’ list?
    TDM Acquirer IQ, 05/06/10
  7. Trustwave snags BitArmor, merging discovery and enforcement under one
    (managed) roof
    TDM Deal Analysis, 01/12/10
  8. Liquid Machines debuts enterprise rights management as a service
    MIS Impact Report, 12/17/09
  9. 2010 preview – Enterprise security
    MIS Reviews / Previews, 12/16/09
  10. 2010 M&A Outlook – Security and networks
    TDM Others, 12/16/09

About Zafesoft
San Jose, California – based Zafesoft provides a deterministic
sofslution for the security and control of Content, once zafed the security and control
travel with the content or portions of it. With its unique patented deterministic and nonintrusive
solution. The content is made secure from threats such insider threat, or from
leakage and accidental loss.

It’s not safe until its ‘zafed’.™

For Sales Information Contact:
sales@zafesoft.com or +1.408. 572.5590 or visit www.zafesoft.com

For Editorial Information Contact:
pr@zafesoft.com or +1.408-572-5590