We share critical content within and across organizations. In doing so, we create security risks.


How? Traditional security paradigms focus on preventing access to the content, be it a file, file system or server. When authorized users share sensitive content, they break these security paradigms.


The result? We have sensitive content floating around or we restrict the flow of our content to protect our business. Either way we sacrifice our business; with increased risk exposure, or loss of efficiency caused by restricted flow in a highly competitive world.


That’s why we created Zafesoft security – to protect sensitive content in a collaborative world.



  • Sharing your critical content with global employees, partners and customers – knowing your content cannot be breeched. Be Secure.
  • Recalling your content whenever you need, with a single click. Be In Control.
  • Recording a comprehensive audit trail for all content access- original and derivative. Be Compliant.
  • Doing all this transparently, with minimal IT overhead.

Get Zafed!

Protection of intellectual property

Zafesoft protects your intellectual property throughout its life cycle, while it is being developed, modified or archived.


Regulatory Compliance

Zafesoft provides the content control and a comprehensive audit trail, a must for regulatory compliance.

Content Control

Zafesoft empowers any business to recall or manage who can access to its content (and its derivatives) at any time, wherever that content resides.